Direct Sales & MLM Companies are losing up to 50% of
revenue when a credit card fails
during an online transaction.
The webinar was live in 2020, but you can still find out more about
recovering lost revenue here!

Does your P&L reflect lost revenue due to false declines?

When a customer checks out online or is subscribed to
auto-ship the risk of potential false declines increases.

You can recover that lost revenue!
In this webinar we’ll show:

How to increase profits
by 25% or more.

Low-hanging opportunities
you have today.

Key practices to automate
your false decline recovery.

How to Optimize Recurring and
Non-recurring payments.

Join Terrel and his guest, Darryl Hicks,
to learn how you can recover false declines.

As you introduce AutoShip opportunities, you may also see an increase in false declines and lost revenue.

That’s why we’ve partnered with FlexPay to introduce you to a way to strategic retry logic. Many FlexPay clients are recovering revenue as soon as 7 days after connecting FlexPay to their software provider.