You may be like many of our direct sales clients who feel stuck when facing unique challenges in your direct sales business.

Direct sales companies have a complex business model. Everything you know about business pertains to 70% of direct selling. You’ve likely wondered if there were consultants to help you master the other 30% and reach the key milestones on the journey to $1 billion and beyond.

We know you want to become a leader of your industry. You deserve a fresh perspective to help you move your business forward.


We know exactly what it’s like to face new challenges with your direct sales business but not know how to break through and avoid the plateaus.

We’ve helped 800 direct sales companies, just like yours, overcome the complexity of direct selling.

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Terrel Transtrum
Founder & CEO

I believe that life is messy, and there is purpose in the challenge.  Most of us are not achieving the kind of growth that allows us to be as fulfilled and generous as we’d like to be.   

Because of the success I have experienced with direct sales, I write, think, and speak about helping others achieve life and career success through direct sales—making the path to success much wider.  Our clients navigate the complexities of direct sales with our guidance.

Terrel Transtrum is Founder and CEO of ServiceQuest, building on a 30-year foundation with more than 800 of the most respected direct-selling companies in the world.  He earned the following degrees during the years he attempted to tame his entrepreneurial spirit: B.S. in Accounting (BYU), J.D. (U of Idaho), LL.M. (U of Miami).

Extreme Specialties: Assessment & Strategy, Executive Mentoring, Customer Service Systems, Policy Administration

Craig Fleming

The pinnacle of my career is to guide entrepreneurs and executives through the complexities of planning and launching direct sales companies; navigate sales and recruiting challenges during down-turns; and build the confidence to achieve all that can be accomplished with direct sales when it’s done right.

Craig launched his 30-year career in direct sales with the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Company and ultimately oversaw all sales and training worldwide.  His career included executive steps at Fuller Brush, Dorling Kindersley, National Motor Club, Entity Beauty, and Melaleuca, where he oversaw all recruiting and training activities that led to 25,000 monthly enrollments.

He left Melaleuca to serve as Chairman, CEO and President of Media Arts Group (NYSE) building the largest art publishing business in the world featuring artist Thomas Kinkade.  He established signature deals with QVC, ShopNBC and LionsGate; he appeared on CBS Television’s “60 Minutes” with Morley Safer; and he was listed in the Top 1% Most Viewed Profiles on LinkedIn for 2012.

Extreme Specialties: Launching New Companies and New Channels, Board Room and Advisory, Sales and Recruiting Strategies and Systems

Sandy Spielmaker 

Owners and executives aren’t getting the guidance they need to navigate the complexities of direct sales.  My purpose is to provide research-based guidance so that leaders can grow their direct sales company at every stage and not lose their most promising opportunities.

Sandy began her career at SC Johnson, growing through the ranks at Bissell and Johnson Outdoors before making a brilliant move to Amway, where she served as VP of Sales for the U.S.  She oversaw sales, customer support, training, events, field communications, compensation, and analytics.  In time, she advanced to become Amway’s VP of Global Sales & Leader Development where she led global training, business analytics, recognition, and event strategy. Sandy also has a wide range of direct selling experiences having served as Chief Sales Officer at Scentsy and at Origami Owl, as well as leading a Fortune 100 company through migration to omnichannel.

Extreme Specialties: Marketing Strategy, Products and Promotions, Leadership Development, Research and Analytics, Selling Systems and Recruiting Systems

Tim Transtrum

Business owners and executives want expert training, integration, and ongoing support in order to get the most out of their direct sales technology.  Too often, they are left alone to make vital software decisions, and once the software sale has been made, they are left not knowing how to make technology work.  From startup to billions, tech must work for the business, not vice versa.

Tim’s 25-year journey in direct sales has been devoted to operations, technology, business rules, commission processing, payment systems, process improvement, telecommunications, supply chain, manufacturing (including FDA’s cGMP), administration, and expansion.  From inventory manager to COO, and from MBA in International Relations to language instructor (Chinese – Mandarin and Cantonese), Tim is highly versatile and grounded in all facets of operations.

Extreme Specialties: Business Process Management, TechOps, Implementation & Integration, International

Dave Taylor

Leaders in direct sales often do not think deeply enough about the volunteer sales force behind all success.  The result is untapped human potential that is lost forever.  When direct sales training and tools are designed to maximize human capabilities, they can unleash the potential in people to lead lives that overflow with lasting success and fulfillment.

Dave’s turning point in direct sales was his 7-year journey building a 7-figure sales organization.  He  leverages his training systems and success toolkit as strategic advisor to some of the largest companies in direct selling.  His unique understanding of business (MBA) and of direct sales models (virtual parties, influencer selling, affiliate marketing, gigs and side business) give leaders guidance and tools they need to win with direct sales.

Extreme Specialties:  Fast Start Systems, Onboarding & Engagement, Retention, Field Training, Leadership Councils, Leadership Development

JT Eskelsen Service Quest Director of Client Programs and ServicesJT Eskelsen
Director, Client Programs & Services

Direct sales is powered by human need for connection, growth, and significance.  Because consistency is at the foundation of trust, good processes and reliable systems are essential for achieving and sustaining growth and retention in direct sales.

JT specializes in compliance, distributor support, customer service, training systems, and process improvement.  He earned a B.S. in Business and received advanced certification from the Rummler Brache Process Improvement Academy.

Extreme Specialties: Process Improvement, CRM & Customer Service Systems, Compliance & Policy Administration