Business Consulting & Executive Coaching
so you can scale profitably.

Many businesses lack a strategic plan that moves past their current growing pains and into scale.

There is always a season of growing pains before a business can scale. Yet, the day-to-day operations take precedence, making it difficult to move above the pains and into a new season of profitability and scale.

You know that if the current challenges aren’t solved, the business cannot scale.

We understand the overwhelm leaders face when
driving the business from a growth to a scaling pattern.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve stood with leaders at similar inflection points.
High-performing leaders come to us when they know it’s time to bring an experienced

outside perspective into the challenges they face.


The whole business must shift in order to move from growth to scale — it’s not one person or department, it’s everyone who impacts the customer — a whole company change.

Every business needs alignment within seven disciplines: marketing, sales, support, operations, technology, administration, & leadership. Our Alignment Wheel gives leaders a clear path to scaling their businesses.

ServiceQuest has partnered with many leaders through this same
process to ensure every individual contributes to the success
of the customer and, ultimately, the success of the business.


Our simple discovery phase is
the essential first step in the strategic review process.

Strategic Plan

We identify the misalignments that trigger customer disconnect & create a plan.

Coaching for

We work with your team so
they have the tools for
long-term success.

“Terrel Transtrum redefines what I consider a business growth expert.  His grasp of scale as the strategy for leveraging growth completely shifted my understanding and our momentum.  Terrel helps to combine the human element of business with a purely strategic lens.  During my engagement with him as a personal coach to me as the CEO, Terrel helped me understand that while strategy is important, ultimate success comes from a unique cultural commitment and potent accountability.

Brandon Broadwater, Zallevo

“Terrel Transtrum possesses the heart and vision of true customer service.

Frank VanderSloot, Melaleuca

“Judging by our first $3 million dollar month, you guys were truly a gift from the heavens! We could not do it without you.”

Lillian Coleman, Bomb Party

“Our transition to the USA was amazing with help from Terrel and his team at ServiceQuest.  We especially benefitted from the infrastructure and technology focus that allowed us to grow rapidly while taking excellent care of our USA customers and distributors.

Alejandro Diaz de Leon, Ardyss

“Our company grew from launch to $1.3 billion in less than four years with huge credit to ServiceQuest for guiding us through the unexpected complexities.”

Mark Stidham, LuLaRoe

“After working with ServiceQuest’s call center specialist for six weeks, our service levels turned completely around.  Our staff members have come alive, and distributors are showering us with compliments.” 

Keith Halls, Elevacity

A clear path and the accountability to accomplish your strategic plan is possible.

It’s hard to imagine a clear path toward scalability when you’re in the middle of growth pains. Too often, leaders fight for the business to win, and in their fight, they sacrifice their ability to reach their goals. They cannot see the nuances keeping the business from scaling without an outside perspective.

The path to profitability in scale becomes clear with the combination of business alignment and executive coaching.

Terrel Transtrum

Terrel Transtrum is known for his ability to help companies understand their customer like never before. That unique skill has helped hundreds of companies gain alignment in their departments, move past the challenges of growth, and into a new season of scale.

His unique perspective has allowed him to be invited into the executive suites for many leaders who need coaching and support as they navigate their day-to-day operations while also gaining and following a strategic plan that works.