Empower Your Customer Service
Team to Build Your Company

A Comprehensive Customer Service Training for Everyone on Your Team.

Many customer service teams are not equipped
with the training and skills to help your company grow. As a result:

  • Responses & outcomes are inconsistent.

  • Complex topics (i.e. compensation plans, policies, and compliance) confuse and overwhelm.
  • Talented people leave for other opportunities.

  • Sub-standard services drive customers away and hurt loyal distributors.

  • Overall customer & distributor experience declines and harms your reputation.

  • Underlying problems go undetected.

Without adequate training, employees collapse under the weight of customer complaints. However, when properly trained your Customer Service team is your biggest growth strategy. Finally, get the retention and scalability you’ve been working toward.

Train Your Entire Workforce with Proven

Customer Ser
vice Skills

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Get Training
for Your Team

Training spans from your Call Center to the C-Suite so every interaction with a customer or distributor will remain consistent and clear.

Choose Curated
Learning Paths

Our Master Library with over 170+ virtual, self-paced lessons is organized in four, easy-to-navigate learning paths.

Keep Happy Customers &
Successful Distributors

When your team is properly trained, your retention and revenue increase, keeping customers and distributors happy.

Training from Award-Winning Customer Service Consultants

For over 30 years, we’ve helped direct sales companies ignite growth by answering the question: how do we keep customers happy?

As we’ve worked closely with the most successful customer service teams, we’ve uncovered the skills and techniques your team must have to keep your customers coming back for more.

Our insights are now available to everyone through this comprehensive, self-paced ServiceQuest Training.


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4 Learning Paths

for Customer Service & Distributor Support

Pricing for Customer Service Training

Our comprehensive Customer Service learning paths are available to your team to meet your training needs.

The ServiceQuest Customer Service Library

$100per month
  • The 4 Learning Paths for Customer Service & Distributor Support
  • Annual CX Certification Course
  • Automatic Course Updates
  • Annual SQ Company Certification
  • Bi-monthly Tips Delivered to Your Inbox
  • Monthly Customer Service Webinar
  • Certification Email Signature Badge

The ServiceQuest Master Course Library

$280per month
  • The ServiceQuest Career Advancement Library
  • New Course Releases, Series and Learning Paths
  • Option for Custom Courses to Fit Your Training Vision

Customer Service Management Coaching

$550per month
  • Monthly CS Manager Live Coaching & Support
  • Quarterly Review
  • Monthly Direct Sales CS Manager Bulletin
  • Annual Direct Sales CS Manager Outlook Report

Poor Training is Expensive.

Improper training can never result in remarkable customer service and distributor support experiences. Yet, your company’s scalability depends on the care your teams take to resolve complaints and provide valuable information.

If your team isn’t prepared, you’ll lose the trust of your customers and distributors.

That’s why this customer service training exists—to give you the confidence that your customers are in good hands. In return, they will say positive things about the company, bring friends and family, and return to buy often!

Don’t leave your customer service training to chance. Request a demo of the self-paced, comprehensive customer service training today!

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