We help companies implement proven direct sales
strategies to tap into growth accelerators.

When you begin to feel a dip or plateau
in your revenue, you have three options:

  1. Do nothing and allow the decline to naturally occur.
  2. Panic and experience a faster decline.
  3. Unleash Growth Accelerator: turn the plateau into a launching pad for renewed growth.

Direct Sales Giants Understand:

The Right Data + Your Response to the Data = Your Outcome

Key indicators drive their decisions. We’ll show you what numbers you must know daily.

Geographic and Demographic Increases Empowers Scaling

In our e-commerce society, a focus on demographics removes the boundaries to serve more customers.

Billion-Dollar Revenue Creates Meaningful Distributor Income.

Building a strong, authentic salesforce provides them meaningful income at the $100 million and $1 billion milestones.

Win with Direct Sales.

Terrel Transtrum is the world’s leading consultant for growth accelerators in Direct Sales. He is most widely known for attacking all inflection points from startup, fast growth, and downturn.

Terrel has guided many startups to their first $1 million year, their first $1 million month, and their first $1 million day. One of his most successful startups reached their $1.3 billion year in 47 months. Terrel is able to guide each of these companies by focusing on service as the ultimate strategy for success.

He helps leaders clearly communicate with their volunteer sales reps to guide them through their customer experience journey through a repeatable process.