Direct Sales Best Practices for a Successful Black Friday Sale

The holidays are nearly in full swing, and if the idea of breaking out the yule log fills you with more panic than joy, it might be because you have a direct sales company—and Black Friday is just around the corner.

The truth is, Black Friday can contribute heavily to your bottom line, whether or not it’s a “make-it-or-break-it” day for your business. You owe it to your distributors and potential customers to take it seriously. This begs the question: what are you doing to ensure you’re set up for maximum Black Friday success, both this year and in the years to come? We’ve outlined a few of the best practices to keep in mind.

Prepare in Advance

If you’re looking for other ways to take your Black Friday strategy to the next level, you need to start putting the pieces together far in advance. Here are just a few tips for helping your field to get the most out of your holiday promotions.

  1. Get creative
    Start by building a library of content that will help you market your Black Friday offerings. This can include social images with links to purchase, videos highlighting promotions, catalogs, and more.
  2. Get organized
    Before you do anything else, you’ll want to have a place to store all of your marketing assets in a way that makes them easy to access and share.
  3. Rely on social Images
    Catchy holiday promo images can be used to drive traffic to your site, drive interaction with a post, or enable the poster to build rapport with his or her audience.
  4. Keep everyone in the loop
    Sending consistent announcements can engage your field, make them aware of available assets, and encourage sharing.
  5. Optimize your team trainings
    Nothing can derail a promotional campaign launch quite like a lack of communication. Making sure everyone is on the same page and has a detailed understanding of products and processes is the most efficient way to prepare your field for a smooth Black Friday.

Focus on Online Efforts

As was the case for almost every aspect of nearly every industry, 2020 represented a series of unique challenges for Black Friday. Shoppers chose to stay home rather than wait in tightly-packed spaces, but that didn’t mean they weren’t spending their hard-earned dollars: according to Adobe, online shopping surged 22% to a record $9 billion. It’s a promising statistic for retailers who were unsure if the far-from-average year would have a detrimental impact on their bottom lines.

This year, not only are we still facing yet another health crisis as a result of the delta variant of COVID-19, but supply-chain issues have added yet another hurdle to the already stressful uncertainties that most retailers are faced with during the holiday rush. Research has also shown that a lot of shoppers simply aren’t interested in returning to the “good old days.” A study by Drive Research showed that almost 50% of consumers who chose to forego in-person shopping last year did so because they didn’t think it was worth the hassle anymore, as opposed to staying home due to health or safety concerns.

Now, the true Black Friday challenge isn’t simply to deliver a great product at a competitive price. It’s to provide all of that, plus a suitable online alternative to purchase it for the consumers who will spending Black Friday surfing their iPads from the comfort of their couch. And, perhaps more importantly, to do it all while standing out amid a sea of other online retailers.

Provide a Segmented Experience

Obviously, you can use Black Friday to increase customer sales. But did you know that you can also use it to build rapport with your distributors? Verb segments the distributor and customer-only experience to provide each of them with ideal resources. And this Black Friday, we encourage you to utilize this strategy when building out your holiday promotions. Consider two different promotional campaigns, one that will appeal to your customer base and one that will excite your distributors—for instance, access to a new product or a special super discount.


Choose the Right Delivery Method

If you’re looking for a way to set yourself apart in today’s modern sales landscape, look no further than livestream e-commerce. Livestream selling is the next frontier of retail, the future of commerce, and embracing it now could mean increased profits, as well as fewer headaches down the road. Staying on the cutting edge of technology is one easy way to avoid growing pains in the future when you’re inevitably forced to adapt.

With livestream e-commerce platforms like verbLIVE, you can exchange the traditional, anonymous sterility of online shopping for something truly spectacular. VERB’s livestream platform revolutionizes online shopping, merging an online, real-time shopping experience with the social intimacy of an in-person visit to the store. Viewers can interact with the host, ask questions, and click to purchase without ever leaving the stream, so you can make sales while their interest is at its highest. You’ll even receive an in-depth breakdown of data after each livestream event, allowing you to make the data-driven decisions you need for enhanced sales success. It’s the ideal way to sell from a distance while still maintaining the connection that direct sales is known for.

Get Your Sales in the Black this Season

While you may not have time to take full advantage of all the suggestions on this list, there’s no better time to make some last-minute tweaks to your strategy. Whether you choose to implement one or all of these best practices, we hope they help you to maximize your efforts and find true success this holiday season. Good luck and happy Black Friday!