A Note from Terrel on Independent Distributors:

As the leaders of a direct sales organization, one of your most important roles is setting up your independent distributors for success. It’s no secret some people are more naturally inclined in sales than others. For others, they love the products, yet lack sales experience.

In either situation, your distributor deserves the opportunity to grow their sales.

That’s why we’re so pleased with the latest product from Verb. It’s called Pulse. I’ll let McKinley explain how you can support your independent distributors with this cutting-edge technology.


Improve Customer and Distributor Retention with Verb Pulse

Verb’s new Pulse feature is the most effective way for your field to keep tabs on the heartbeat of their business. How? By connecting with their customers and team members!

This feature empowers your distributors with behavior-driven prompts, reminders, and tasks. As a result, they can support customers and team members. In other words, you can create an enhanced, independent distributor-led customer experience that could double your overall retention numbers.

Pulse pulls in at-a-glance reporting from the back office. This provides distributors with the information they need to connect with their personally enrolled customers. In short, they can:

  • promote products,
  • increase sales and average order size,
  • and achieve overall business growth.

Your independent distributors will love being able to see exactly what is going on with their customers. And you’ll love gaining access to their analytic insights.

How Verb Pulse Works

Pulse works by integrating with the corporate database and back-office systems. This gives users real-time access to customer and prospect information. They can access new enrollments, upcoming orders and auto ships, and information generated by other team members’ use of the application.

When a user selects a customer from a report, they’ll be provided with suggested ways to interact with them. That might mean following up now or setting a reminder to do so later. The feature even provides pre-written messages, complete with suggested attachments. Your team can craft those messages for the organization, or you can edit the ones we’ve put together for you. Additionally, you can allow users to personalize messages to drive that sale and encourage retention.

First Order Example

Here’s an example of a pre-written message for a customer expecting their first order. “Hey, I’m so excited for you to receive your order next week! I know you’re going to love these products. Let me know which one is your favorite!” And further, it may suggest including a product information sheet.

It’s also great for encouraging inactive customers to make a purchase, educating customers about new products, and helping independent distributors upsell. And they can do all these things while they are still learning about your products.

Pulse provides a variety of reports and tools that enable distributors to quickly and effectively communicate with their customers.

Reports in Pulse to Help Your Field Keep Tabs on Their Customers

Distributors can access a variety of reports and communication tools. These tools allow them to see important customer info. This includes upcoming auto ships, canceled auto ships, customers expecting their first order, and lists of active and inactive customers.

Pulse will give action-driven tasks for an independent distributor. As a result, Pulse drives attention to the most pressing or timely interactions with customers and team members.


Displays customers who are on a monthly product shipment. That means customers who have recently canceled and those who are expecting upcoming orders. Consequently, an independent distributor can appropriately follow up and answer questions.

First Order

Shows customers who are expecting their first product orders. It even shows the shipment’s estimated arrival date.

Tip: Sending a warm message to a customer about their order does more than add a personal touch. It also generates excitement and fosters long-term loyalty.

Active Customers

Pre-written or customized messages make it easy for independent distributors to keep active customers engaged and excited about both current and upcoming products. You can customize the parameters that define an active customer (i.e., someone who has made a purchase in the last 90 days).

Inactive Customers

Inactive customers may not have ordered in a while. However, since they’ve made purchases in the past, they’re part of your warm market. Users can use this list to reach out about upcoming products. Using pre-written or customized messages makes it easy to connect.

Other Benefits of Using Pulse

Pulse enables you to drive the behaviors of your field and help them keep tabs on their business. Our in-depth analytics offers opportunities for personalization and instant field push notifications.

Personalization increases sales. That is to say, allowing independent distributors to customize messages. As a result, distributors are more likely to revive a customer relationship and increase sales than an email from corporate.

The data helps you shape the future of your company. You’ll see how your independent distributors are impacting the customer and team member journeys.

Instant Push Notifications

Utilize push notifications to remind distributors to follow up with customers. For instance they can reach out about a canceled auto-ship subscription or an upcoming order delivery. Customizing these notifications ensures they resonate and fully engage your field.

In-depth Analytics

One of the best features of Pulse is its global analytics and reporting capabilities. Data provides your company with invaluable insights about customers and their buying patterns. That makes ROI analysis easy and accurate.

Opportunities for Personalization

Messages to the customer come from the independent distributors themselves, rather than corporate, offering an additional level of trust and rapport.

Consultative Approach to Sales

Makes it easy for independent distributors to see where they can offer additional products or promotions to improve the customer experience.

Verb Pulse will Enable Your Independent Distributors to Grow Their Business

It’s like a sales coach in the palm of your independent distributors’ hands. As a result, they can follow all the interactions of their prospects. The technology coaches them on the next best action to take to close the sale. This represents the beginning of a major AI initiative we’re bringing to our entire sales enablement platform.

Pulse has the potential to replace many different tech solutions your team uses today. For instance, the platform includes a texting service, back-office features, an email communication platform, and a group messaging app.

Pulse generates reports and intelligent notifications. And these can drive behaviors to help your distirbutors grow their businesses.

We know that personalization increases sales conversion. That is to say, behavior-driven messaging, based on actual prospect and customer engagement. And that is why Pulse works.

Additionally, there’s more to come with Pulse: we’re currently developing a feature that can gamify the five steps sales reps should be taking every day to grow their business. It’s going to be an incredible asset, so stay tuned.
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