The First 72-Hours: the Critical Time for MLM Distributor Onboarding Success

MLM Distributor Onboarding: Once a new distributor clicks the signup button the clock begins to tick.

The next 72-hours of communication and experience for your new distributor is critical.

New distributors volunteer as your salesforce after they have a preliminary experience. They are an existing customer or they follow posts about your products. They could even have a friend who has generated income through your company.

This moment sets the tone for your relationship with them as part of their team.

During MLM distributor onboarding, it’s expected for them to ask themselves questions like:
  • Where do I start?
  • What’s the best way to market the products using my platform?
  • Will I be able to generate extra income from selling?
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But the most important question they are asking is: how will selling for this company make me feel?

Our interactions with people are more virtual every day. We have to consider ways to connect with your new team member.

The open box experience is the first connection point with your new distributor.

If you have an Apple product of any kind, you know exactly what I’m referring to! You place the white box in front of you, pull the top of the lid and the smell of a new computer hits you.

Running your hand over the sleek package, you realize you’re a part of something: you are a MAC user.

The packaging experience has set Apple apart. It’s one of the reasons they have so many super fans.

Your customers expect a unique experience when they slice open the tape on their box. Especially, when they’ve chosen to be a part of the team.

So I’ll ask you: what does your MLM distributor onboarding welcome kit look like?

Imagine the experience of your new distributor with me.
  • What does the outside of the box currently look like?
  • How do you feel when you open the box for the first time?
  • What’s inside?
  • Does it feel personal?
  • Do you feel more equipped by looking at the information included in the box?
  • How do the products sit in the box after they’ve been through transit?
Answer these questions with honesty. This MLM distributor onboarding moment is critical to keep new distributors excited about being on your team!
The box opening experience is also a great promo opportunity. Encourage your new distributor to share their moment on social media.

FabFitFun Box illustrated how enticing it is to sign up for something with greater value. The value of the box you receive needs to feel more than the investment.

How can you do the same for your new MLM distributors? Your welcome kit must include:
  1. A great looking box. A simple brown box with a sticker won’t cut it. Make sure your box includes your logo, color scheme, and messaging.
  2. Neatly layout your products. The way your products look in the box when it’s open says more than you think. It speaks to both the value of your products plus the care to serve your customers and distributors. Items shifting in transit will hurt the unboxing experience. Work with a company that understands how the package should arrive. It is worth any extra packaging expense to make this moment memorable.
  3. Welcome & Quick Start Guides. Make it easy to engage with your company! The more simple you make your process, the faster distributors can share products. The more they share, the more they will sell! Make the welcome card personalized to the new distributor. The point is simple: give them everything they’ll need to succeed!

Do not underestimate this moment for your new salesforce. Remember that in Direct Selling companies, you rely on a volunteer salesforce. This moment validates whether that was a great decision or a bad one.

This brings me to another valuable point: timing is everything.

As Dave Taylor instructs his clients:

The first 72-hours of the new rep’s journey is critical. The excitement that caused them to join begins to fade almost immediately. You must systematize carefully-orchestrated events to create engagement and build belief.

When someone makes a decision to join your salesforce, they experience many emotions. From excitement to hesitation, to insecurity, then back to excitement again.

And, this happens quickly!

So you have about 12 hours to confirm that the decision they made was a good one. And your welcome kit should take no longer than 72 hours to arrive in their hands.

That’s why your welcome kits should be the big hug in the MLM distributor onboarding process. The best ways to ensure fast delivery:
  • Ship from an in-country source. With shipping, your distributor should receive a welcome kit in the first 72 hours.
  • Ship from an onboarding specialist. Our team has been printing and shipping for 41 years. We know that getting welcome kits out is critical for your retention.

Retention begins at hello.

With 18,000 people signing up as a direct selling volunteer sales force per day. Keeping your distributors excited is critical to the exponential growth of your company.

At JN Agency, we help Direct Sales companies improve their onboarding experience. A solid onboarding experience should include a social media launch, a swag store, and a welcome kit. Our customers are set for a successful launch and increased retention rates.

Welcome your new distributors in a way they can’t stop talking about. You’ll see your retention skyrocket!