MLM Payment Fraud Protection: Boost Sales. Beat Fraud.

How Your Network Marketing Company can protect from payment fraud. You can take back your power and your earnings.

Payment fraud risks. All merchant accounts have them. That’s because professional fraudsters work overtime. Fraudsters steal credit card information. They bypass two-factor authentication. And they take over merchant accounts and more.

The foundation of a direct sales company is trust. As a result, your company can’t risk the trust you’ve established with your distributors. In addition, protecting your data and securing their purchases is critical.

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Fraudulent behavior comes at a high cost to your distributor, your company, and your bottom line.
Fraud prevention practices offer protection. But did you know your current fraud prevention practices may put your company at high risk?

Because we watch out for every transaction, I’ve come to rely on Kount, a Equifax Company, to do some of the heavy lifting. I’ve found Kount to be a flexible, responsive, and a customizable risk management tool.

For example, my experience with Kount has shown that the client can:

  • Set up automated rules. In other words, take control of real-time protection to your company and the distributors.
  • Monitor all transactions in one place. This gives you confidence about the legitimacy of any payment or order.
  • Plus, if someone does try to get away with payment fraud, we stop damage before it is done by blocking payment fraud.

To sum up, it’s an all-in-one digital solution that prevents and reduces chargebacks.

What you need to protect credit card transactions from payment fraud.

Can your payment processor handle fast growth? MLM businesses sometimes hit growth spurts. Therefore, your payment processor must be ready to handle sudden growth. For example, some MLM companies unlock a growth accelerator. And then sales increase dramatically.

Importantly, if fast growth catches you off guard then you are prime target for fraudulent charges. To help spare our clients the expensive learning curves, we include Kount in our recommendations right from the very start. We have come to rely on the Kount AI and machine learning to protect clients from:

  • Fraudulent credit card usage,
  • Fake accounts,
  • Duplicate distributor registrations, and more.
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Increase efficiency with auto-approval of legitimate transactions.

The payment processing experience is make-or-break for distributors. Terrel Transtrum has always said, “Money matters are the way to a distributors heart. Money in and money out. Simple, safe, fast.”

Our clients who use Kount in their MLM business experience these real benefits:

  • Automate the approve/decline process.
  • Reduce manual reviews by 83%.
  • Increase operational efficiency up to 65%.
  • Lower operating costs, including the need to expand your fraud team.
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Control your outcomes

You know what’s right for your company. As a result, Kount offers added protection from risks without interfering with your customer experience. For instance, our clients can:

  • First, customize your risk protection.
  • Then, choose rules that meet your business goals and risk tolerance.
  • Finally, conduct risk assessments with the click of a button.

Improve customer experience

The way customers interact with your company business can:

  • Increase customer trust by protecting transaction data.
  • Identify good customers and customize their experience.
  • Accept global payment methods securely and confidently.
Read more about how the best companies deliver better customer service experience.
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Kount’s unparalleled accuracy comes from the ability to access data. For instance, data includes:

  • 75+ industries,
  • 50+ payment providers and card networks,
  • 17B+ devices annually, and
  • 2.7B fraud signals.

Take Back Your Power

To manage the chaos of payments, you need effective, customizable fraud protection. Consequently, when you partner with Nexio, you’ll take back your power and your revenue. Meanwhile, other payment providers control your tokens and your data. However, Nexio puts you in control of your payment strategy.

In summary, our open payments platform gives you:

Control: Own your strategy, connections, and data.

Connection: Plug into a marketplace of connections. You’ll find the newest technologies all through one single entry point.

Scalability: Remove borders, expand globally, reduce effort, and accelerate speed to market.

The payments industry can be complex, intimidating, and fraught with fraud. However, you can stop feeling overwhelmed and let Nexio help you manage the chaos of payments.