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Keep Your Direct Sales Customers
and Distributors Happy

Create a Remarkable Customer Service Experience


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Customer service is the heartbeat of your organization.

Customer service should drive everything you do. Retention is your key indicator of company health. The reasons customers and distributors leave are:

  • Poor Communication

  • Lack of Support

  • Lack of Training

  • Unmet Expectations

  • Life Change

Grow your company through the lens of your customer. 

So you can stop losing customers and create lasting growth.

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Review the Experience

Gain an unbiased perspective by tuning your ear to your customer and distributor complaints.

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Align for Happiness

Every business decision should answer the question: does this make our customers and distributors happier?

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Implement Critical Changes

Make incremental changes that drive the biggest impact for your customers. Then monitor for effectiveness.

Start with the ServiceQuest Customer Service Review.

For over 30 years, we’ve helped direct sales companies ignite growth by answering the question: how do we keep our customers happy?

The answer to that question for your company will drive technology choices, communication processes, product development, and, quite frankly, everything you do.

Schedule Your Evaluation today for a comprehensive look at what your customer needs and what systems will drive lasting growth.

Judging by our first $1 million dollar month, you guys are truly a gift from the heavens! We couldn’t do it without you.”

Lillian Coleman, CEO RingBomb Party

Three Decades of Growing Direct Sales Companies

Early in his career, Terrel Transtrum received the mandate from his mentor: keep our customers and distributors happy. It is the mandate that has driven his career and brought growth to hundreds of his clients.

The ServiceQuest team now is rich with experts and partners that together help drive results for our clients. Yet, we all focus on helping you unlock growth accelerators for your company starting with our Customer Service Evaluation.

Request Your Evaluation

Identify new ways to serve your customers, retain distributors, and grow your company. Submit your request below and we will arrange the next steps with our consultants.

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