About Terrel Transtrum

Terrel Transtrum is the world’s leading consultant for Customer Service in Direct Sales. He is most widely known for attacking all inflection points from startup, fast growth, and downturn. In his book LaunchSmart, Terrel shares his more than 30-years of experience in starting and running a successful direct sales company. He owns two successful 7-figure businesses and has supported more than 800 direct sales companies on six continents. Read More

The Customer Service Two Step

The Customer Service Two-Step: Turn Complaints into Your Most Valuable Tool Embrace complaints as a valuable source of information for your business, especially in the realm of customer service. While it may be painful to hear and receive complaints, they can provide valuable insights into what [...]

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Your E-commerce Platform for Direct Sales – 6 Elements to Irresistible Success

How to drive engagement through a customer-centric online sales experience Is an E-commerce platform for direct sales possible? The direct sales model has traditionally differentiated itself from other sales channels with personalized attention. The distributor model allows direct sales companies to customize the shopper experience for prospects and customers. [...]

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The Most Powerful 3 Questions to ask before Choosing MLM Customer Service Technology

Ask These 3 Powerful Questions Before Choosing an MLM Customer Service Technology Customer Service Technology for MLM Companies. Let's summarize the essence of technology selection in one sentence. "Technology must support the fastest path to the money.” Money for reps and money for the company. At ServiceQuest, [...]

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Turn Delays Into Customer Service Wins

Direct Sales Shipping Delays - Turn Delays into Wins Direct-to-your-home sales have dramatically increased during the Coronavirus Pandemic. But for your company, it probably means you're struggling with big shipping delays in your supply chain. The DSA recently released the numbers to confirm 70% of direct sales [...]

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