The Most Important Lessons in MLM Legal History: Avoiding the Pyramid

The Most Important Lessons in MLM Legal History: Avoiding the Accidental Pyramid Classification How to prevent your company’s downfall by learning from the past “Those who neglect history are doomed to repeat it” George Santayana. Despite our familiarity with these wise words, we don’t take them to heart when [...]

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Your E-commerce Platform for Direct Sales – 6 Elements to Irresistible Success

How to drive engagement through a customer-centric online sales experience Is an E-commerce platform for direct sales possible? The direct sales model has traditionally differentiated itself from other sales channels with personalized attention. The distributor model allows direct sales companies to customize the shopper experience for prospects and customers. [...]

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MLM Distributor Onboarding: how the First 72-hours Determine Success

The First 72-Hours: the Critical Time for MLM Distributor Onboarding Success MLM Distributor Onboarding: Once a new distributor clicks the signup button the clock begins to tick. The next 72-hours of communication and experience for your new distributor is critical. New distributors volunteer as your salesforce after they have [...]

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Turn Delays Into Customer Service Wins

Direct Sales Shipping Delays - Turn Delays into Wins Direct-to-your-home sales have dramatically increased during the Coronavirus Pandemic. But for your company, it probably means you're struggling with big shipping delays in your supply chain. The DSA recently released the numbers to confirm 70% of direct sales [...]

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